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Chapter 2, Page 78: Peter Whitehead talking to Nicole Brenez about Jean-Luc Godard. at The BFI on Southbank, February 2016.


Chapter 2, Page 82: Director Mick Gochanour and producer Robin Klein discuss the recut and remastered version of Charlie Is My Darling at a press conference for the 50th New York Film Festival in 2012. The new version was released in October 2012 to mark five decades since the formation of the Rolling Stones.


Chapter 2, Page 82: Producer Robin Klein, daughter of former Stones manager Allen Klein, discusses the recut and remastered version of Charlie Is My Darling .

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"What I love about it is you really see them on the cusp; they’re not the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world yet there, they’re a working band. That’s 1965 and that’s Ireland, so it was pretty far away for the revolution."  

Robin Klein

Chapter 2, Page 106: Peter Whitehead talks about getting a commission to make a video for Seven Drunken Nights by the Dubliners which was filmed in the Irish capital in 1968.


Chapter 2, Page 106: This is the film Peter Whitehead made for the Dubliners' Seven Drunken Nights. 

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